Import & distribution of spare parts in Algeria

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SOCAD is based on a very packed distribution network and distributed on many wilayas of the country, in the north ,in the south and in the west.

A Primary network made up of several stores of spare parts and retail outlets, established in:

  • Algiers (BirKhadem, Bab Ezzouar)
  • Boumerdès (Ouled Moussa)
  • Oran
  • Ain Mlila
  • Touggourt
  • Sétif


A secondary network composed of approved dealers and agents.

This distribution network will be reinforced by the opening of an important commercial and automotive maintenance unit, established in Gué de Constantine - Algiers.

In addition to, the sale of the spare part, two new activities will be launched: The sale and the repair of motor vehicles.


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